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Sunday Prayer before service 1:30PM 

This prayer starts half an hour before our Sunday service. In this prayer, we pray for God's blessing upon the service.

Sunday service 2:00PM
Our services consist of several brothers sharing sermons, traditional Russian Christian hymn singing and prayers. Translation of service from Russian to English is available most Sundays. 
Youth service 7:30pm 
​Our youth meets Friday nights for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

For more information on conferences and youth events, please visit:

Sunday School for Kids. 

Sunday School is held after the first sermon. Children 3 years and older can start attending. Please ask for more information if you would like your child to attend.  


Wednesday Prayer 7:00PM

Wednesday prayers are held at  local church member’s houses. If you’re interested in coming, please contact us for more information. 

Friday Night Prayer 7:30PM

Friday night prayer service is held at the church. This service has bible reading, prayers and singing. 


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